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Weekend Warrior — Preparing for Gameaggedon

This October is an insane month for game releases, so we're all hunkering down in our respective bunkers to sink our teeth into Middle-earth: Shadow of War, play some board games, and organize a kid's birthday party (don't worry, it's Kyle's kid). Oh, and Dan Tack continues his slow slide into insanity with some Southern-fried chicken.

Brian Shea (@BrianPShea) — I’m hoping to finally put a bow on Mario + Rabbids this weekend, while continuing to play Golf Story. I’m liking Mario + Rabbids a bit less the more I play it, while Golf Story keeps getting better. It’ll be interesting to see if those trends continue.

Dan Tack (@dantack) — Southern-fried chicken with hot sweet and spicy pickles, jalapeno aioli, and a slice of gouda on a butter-brushed bun. Served with ice cold cucumbers, hot pickles, stone ground coarse mustard, and pastrami racecar sidekickers.

Ben Hanson (@yozetty) — Hey weekenders! This weekend I’m going to be travelling home, so I’ll probably start playing Metroid: Samus’ Big Day Out on my 3DS. Other than that, I’m very tempted to buy Stardew Valley on Switch even though I’ve already poured way too many hours into that wonderful game. Then there’s always Golf Story and stuff. Alright, have a good weekend!

Cody Mello-Klein (@Proelectioneer) — Nintendo is rapid firing games at us recently, so this week I'm gonna switch on my Switch and play a little Oxenfree and Axiom Verge. Oh and the Witcher. Always the Witcher.

Keenan McCall (@KEeNanMcCall525) — I’m heading home to Denver this weekend, so I’ll be playing some older games with my family and catching up: Fallout 4, Skyrim and probably a few rounds of Uno.

George Ash (@GeorgeEAsh) — This weekend I’ll be sticking with the Star Wars Battlefront II beta on my Xbox and I may give it a try on PC too. Other than that I’ll be playing some board games with Intern Cody, but don’t have my gaming time planned to a T quite yet.

Kyle Hilliard (@KyleMHilliard) — It’s a big weekend in the Hilliard household. Not only does the My Little Pony movie come out today (which Reiner and I [and our families] are going to see together), but we’re also celebrating my daughter’s sixth birthday with a party. I gave her a stack of invites to give out at school and had a bit of a panic attack when she came home empty-handed. I didn’t expect her to give out every single one, but here we are. It should be an exciting/horrifying weekend. I will try and sneak in some more Middle-earth: Shadow of War in there somewhere. Maybe during the party. I also hope to finish re-watching Blade Runner (which I fell asleep to last night) and watch the new episode of The Good Place. Hey, you should watch that show, too! The first season is on Netflix. You have no excuse.

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