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The X-Files: “Plus One” Review

Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

“Talk about flinging dookie.”

Whereas last week’s X-Files chapter was a trippy, quasi-meta thriller with tenuous ties to background mythology, “Plus One” was a return to basics – with creator Chris Carter crafting a “spooky lethal circumstance of the week”-type tale about nutso twins who cause people to mysterious die at the hands of their own doppelgänger.

Sure, there were a few things to lament here and there. One wishes Scully’s perpetual skepticism could be updated a bit to reflect the breadth of all she’s experienced over the course of the series, and the actual hows and whys of the murders seemed to get swept under a big rug by the time our heroes began seeing their own shadowy killer doubles – but all in all this episode was solid.

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