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A New Biomutant Trailer Shows Off Its Many Gameplay Mechanics

A new trailer from THQ Nordic's Biomutant shows off its crazy and fascinating world in a new gameplay demo.  The gameplay scenes are edited together to show off all the different ways your Biomutant protagonist interact with the massive world. ...

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Sony Projects Enormous, Spectacular God Of War Trailer On NBA Basketball Court

Spectators during an NBA game in Oakland last night were treated to an unexpected display: a new God of War trailer was projected onto the large court, grabbing the whole stadium's attention. Considering the large size of the court, it ...

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The Sports Desk – Breaking Down MLB The Show 18’s Debut Trailer

The first trailer for MLB The Show 18 has dropped, and it's chock full of details. We talked to developers at Sony San Diego Studio before the trailer was released, and their comments about some of the game's features are ...

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Shaq-Fu: A Legend Reborn Launch Trailer Says It Won’t Suck As Much As The Last One

Shaq-Fu: A Legend Reborn is riding off the back of a name most people would rather forget. The original Shaq-Fu is a notoriously terrible brawler starring Shaquille O'Neal. In its launch trailer, A Legend Reborn makes a bold claim: That it ...

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A New Dragon’s Crown Pro Trailer Runs Down Its Remastered Features

Atlus has released a new trailer for Dragon's Crown Pro, the 4K rerelease of Vanillaware's sprite-based 2D brawler. The new trailer is mostly just an excuse to gawk at Vanillaware's artwork, now coming to PlayStation 4. It retains all the ...

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Cloverfield 3 Trailer to Potentially Air During Super Bowl

Super Bowl LII will feature a number of movie spots, one of which could be a trailer for Cloverfield 3. Deadline has heard Netflix—who’s reportedly in talks with Paramount to acquire the rights to the film—will potentially make the deal official ...

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Brand New Black Panther Trailer Brings The Fight Home

Marvel's newest look at their next movie, Black Panther, aired during tonight's National Championship Game in Atlanta. There's a mix of old and new footage within the trailer, all set to an awesome soundtrack. Of course, everyone's favorite scene of ...

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New Code Vein Trailer Rocks Out With Action And Story

A new Code Vein trailer released today might give you tonal whiplash as Japanese Rock Duo Vamps is revealed to be doing the game's theme song. The trailer sets their song to cutscenes and gameplay footage that leaves you rocking ...

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Far Cry 5’s Latest Trailer Invites You To Join The Resistance

Far Cry 5 is trading its exotic locales of the past for something closer to home, but that doesn't mean things get any less crazy. In the newest trailer, we're treated to some chaotic action while given an overview of ...

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Every Pop Culture Easter Egg in Ready Player One – Trailer 2

The new trailer for Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One is here, and if you can look past Wade Watts’ extremely long leg on the poster, you’ll find yet another treasure trove of pop culture references from the upcoming adaptation of ...

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