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Seen At Minneapolis Comic Con 2015

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For the second year in a row now, Game Informer's home city of Minneapolis has had its very own Comic Con. I walked the show floor and grabbed as many photos as I could, enjoy!

Well, this convention took place in Minnesota so there is the obligatory Paul Bunyon appearance. My Babe the Blue Ox-King joke was met with a blank stare.

These kind gentlemen were roaming the show, on the hunt for Konami executives.

When the curse is lifted in Disney's new live-action version of Beauty and the Beast, the servants turn into hellish Brundlefly-esque fusions of man and object.

These Cloud Strifes reenacted their favorite over-used animation from Final Fantasy 7: the ambivalent shrug.

These fine gentlemen were on their way to a business lounge to endlessly giggle about Disney's lucrative future.

Even though they were running solo, this person nailed it.

After years of repeated X-Ray attacks, Reptile's spine is in terrible shape these days.

He flew, fought, crowed, and was joined by this cosplayer who apparently is a huge fan of Ingmar Bergman's 1966 film Persona.

It was tough to sneak a good picture of this cosplayer due to the frenzied horde of Legend of Dragoon fans at the show. Really though, this guy's costume is the best.


I felt a great tingle in the Force, as if millions of voices…

Jump to the second page to see some celebrity cameos and even more gaming cosplay from Minneapolis Comic Con!

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