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Reader Discussion – Have You Ever Bonded Over A Video Game?

Earlier today, Elise Favis told us about Dad of Light, the Final Fantasy XIV-themed Netflix J-Drama about a father and son bonding over the Square-Enix MMORPG. The drama tells the true story of a son who secretly makes a Final Fantasy XIV character to bond with his father through their in-game adventures.

The show does serve as a reminder that video games can be a bonding activity for people, as it's something that friends and family can do together and accomplish goals as a group. I have fond memories of playing co-op games on the NES with my brother, or playing 1100 hours of Left 4 Dead with friends because it served as a way for us all to talk and hang out while having fun.

This week, I wanted to reach out to readers and hear your stories about times you have bonded with someone over a game. In-person, online, running tactics while someone else plays, just trading tips and strategies with other people, all of it. Let us know in the comments!

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