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Puzzle & Dragons Two-Pack On 3DS Matches Up A May Release Date

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Nintendo has announced that its Puzzle & Dragons partnerships with Gung Ho has a release date. The two-pack of titles will be landing on May 22.

The bundle includes Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Edition, which puts a Mushroom Kingdom spin on the mobile match-3 money-maker. Players will assemble a team of Mario characters and traverse different locales from the franchise. Enemies include Goombas, Koopa Troopas, and more well-known foes.

The other title in the bundle, Puzzle & Dragons Z, plays out more like a traditional RPG. Players talk to NPCs, explore, collect monsters, evolve them, and use them in battle (played out on match-3 boards, of course).

The pair of titles will be on a single cartridge and retail for $ 29.99. For more, you can read our preview of the Super Mario Edition from PAX East.


Our Take
I’ve stayed away from the mobile version due to my dislike of free-to-play smartphone games. However, I did enjoy my time with this at PAX and have a fondness for games like Puzzle Quest that combine match-3 mechanics with other elements.

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