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PlayStation Experience 2017 Brings Back Collectible Cards

If you were lucky enough to attend previous PlayStation Experiences, like the one in San Francisco in 2015, you might remember getting cards for certain demos. Few attendees got the full set, but the ones that did really hustled to get them and attended other PlayStation events. Thankfully, attendees of the 2017 PlayStation Experience in Anaheim will get a new chance as a new set of collectible cards will be available there.

Series 1 and Series 2 numbered up to 76, so Series 3 picks up with #77 with three dozen new cards with PlayStation-centric art on the front. Most of the cards will available freely to all attendees through various methods like completing demos, but Trophy cards will require fans to aim to complete certain challenges that will be outlined closer to the event.

PlayStation Experience 2017 is scheduled for December 9 & 10 in Anaheim, California. Last year, Sony revealed Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite and The Last of Us Part II. In the previous year, the event was the first reveal of Final Fantasy VII Remake gameplay footage. What do you expect Sony will show this year?

[Source: PlayStation Blog]

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