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Players’ Tribune as important to jeter as baseball career

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Tuesday, March 8, 2016, 4:07 PM

Yankee legend wants to have a better business career than baseball career, according to Players' Tribune partner Thomas Tull.Bryan R. Smith

Robinson Cano and other Yankees second basemen can speak to what it’s like to turn two with Derek Jeter on the baseball diamond, but what’s it like to do the business equivalent with the Captain in the corporate boardroom?

“Derek only knows one speed – and I think that’s whether he’s playing shortstop for the Yankees or running a company. He said something to me at the end of his career, that he wanted to have a better business career than he had a baseball career, which is a high bar. If I was going to bet on anybody, it’s Derek Jeter,” Legendary Entertainment chairman and chief executive officer Thomas Tull, who’s partnered with Jeter in the Players’ Tribune media website, told the Daily News. “(Jeter) has a very active role (with the Players’ Tribune), and he’s very smart and very driven. I think independent of what medium you’re channeling that into, that’s an incredibly important attribute. And Derek has that huge.”

During an appearance at Joe Torre’s Safe at Home Foundation event last fall, Jeter said the Players’ Tribune — launched in October, 2014 — was the venture among his many post-baseball pursuits that was taking up the majority of his retirement days. Even more so than his impending nuptials to model Hannah Davis.


“What is keeping me most busy? The Tribune, mostly. Trying to build that. It’s been a learning experience. It’s been enjoyable,” Jeter said in November. “It’s good to be passionate about other things. We’ve had more and more athletes contribute – I think it’s over 350 to date. We’re gaining a little momentum.”

One of the most recent contributions to the site is a first-person account by CC Sabathia of his battle with alcoholism. Tull said another Players’ Tribune essay that garnered praise was one by Pirates outfielder Andrew McCutchen detailing his experience with youth baseball.

“A lot of times people think athletes are one-dimensional. Guys have different interests and things that they like to talk about,” Jeter said in November. “I’ve always told (reporters) time and time again, I give you the same answers because you ask me the same questions. Here, we’re giving athletes (a chance) to set their own agenda.”


As for the future of the site, Tull said his full trust lies with Jeter.

“This was a new medium, a new way for players to have a forum and that was really Derek’s vision, to have a place and a platform where sports stars and personalities could directly communicate with their fans and the public,” said Tull, who was honored at the Jackie Robinson Foundation awards dinner Monday, where he announced a $ 1 million donation to the Jackie Robinson Museum. “Where that goes, morphs, sometimes it’s hard to predict. The key was, let’s have great content. Where it goes from there, it’s going to find its own way. I’m proud to be a small part of it.”

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