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One man dies after boiling water floods Swedish city street

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SWEDEN OUTStig-Åke Jonsson/AP Steam rises from water leaking from the district heating system outside a train station in Lund, southern Sweden, on Friday night.

A burst heating pipe that flooded a Swedish city’s streets with boiling water is believed to have caused a bus crash that killed one man.

At least seven other people were injured in the horror smash in the center of Lund on Friday evening, according to The Local.

Steaming water started gushing out of the fractured pipe on Sankt Laurentiigatan at around 6 p.m.

Visibility was seriously reduced after a cloud of hot steam started to cloak nearby streets. A bus then crashed in the area at 7:15 p.m.

Witnesses said they saw the out-of-control vehicle careening down the road, with what appeared to be a mangled bicycle trapped under its wheels.

Police arrived and the area was cordoned off.

SWEDEN OUTStig-Åke Jonsson/AP People move carefully in the dangerously hot water, which local media have linked with a deadly bus crash.

The injured were rushed to Skåne University Hospital. One man was confirmed dead following the incident.

Residents had to walk on wooden pallets to avoid scalding their feet on the hot water, reports The Weather Network.

Police spokesman Nils Norling said that, while media reports had widely linked the crash to the burst pipe, the connection had not yet been confirmed.

The investigation is now ongoing.

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