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Marvel’s Runaways: “Kingdom” Review

Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

Marvel’s Runaways opened up its story wide this week, introducing some big stakes and huge concepts to the mystery, placing everything under the shadow of a potential apocalypse.

Sorcery, power gloves, and telepathic dinosaurs are a comic book-y concepts to begin with, for sure, but this week’s chapter, “Kingdom,” gave us some elements that were far above the teens’ pay grade. For now, anyway. While Alex, Nico, and the rest attempt to sort through their here-and-now issues, a much larger world was hinted at with the introduction of Julian McMahon’s “Jonah” – a mysterious figure who, via (Bad Wigs, Thomas Guide!) flashback, kicked off this entire story when he offered Geoffrey millions for a garbage strip mall.

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