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Jillian Michaels shares tips on getting fit

 Jillian Michaels said people who fall off the exercise or healthy eating bandwagon should figure out what went wrong and try again. ‘We aren't perfect all the time,’ she told The News.

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Jillian Michaels said people who fall off the exercise or healthy eating bandwagon should figure out what went wrong and try again. ‘We aren’t perfect all the time,’ she told The News.

Jillian Michaels knows a thing or two about helping people get in shape.

The trainer, who is known for dishing out tough love on NBC’s reality weight-loss competition show “The Biggest Loser,” has built an empire that includes workout DVDs, exercise equipment and best-selling books. She recently designed a 30-minute full body workout circuit for Curves gyms that promises to boost your metabolism and help you drop those extra pounds.

Michaels spoke to The News about fitting fitness into your busy schedule and finding inspiration to lead a healthier life.

What advice do you have for the people who have already given up on their health-related New Year’s resolutions?


I don’t subscribe to New Year’s resolutions. If it catalyzes you to change, then super. But the reality is, we all fall off and climb back on the wagon all year long.

We aren’t perfect all the time. We’re going to have some successes and we’re going to have some failures. It’s not a big deal. Take a look at where you went wrong, re-approach with greater wisdom and better information, and have another stab at it.

And get informed. I think a lot of people get discouraged when they come at a problem with misinformation.

What about the people who want to start now? What should they do to get healthier?


I would say quickly identify the reasons you want to get healthier. What does healthy look like in your life? Is it “I really want to fit in that wedding dress” or “I really want to walk my daughter down the aisle” or “I really want to wear X brand of skinny jeans?” Identify it and emotionally connect to it so that you have a lasting concrete source of inspiration. Most people speak in generalizations like “I want to be healthy,” but what does that mean?

Also take the time to get informed. I’m not asking you to become a trainer, but look for a credible source of information that’s yielded results. If you’ve seen an expert and they’ve talked about a diet and you’ve seen the diet work, and it looks like it’s something that’s sustainable for your way of life, then try it.

What kinds of changes can people make once they’ve figured out why they want to become healthier?

When it comes to food, I can make this extremely simple for you: Count calories. Don’t eat more calories than you burn in a day. When it comes to food quality, eat real food. Avoid fake food (artificial sweeteners, flavors, coloring, etc.) as often as possible.


Get a calorie counter, download an app, read your food labels, that’s information. Real information.

When it comes to fitness, the key is to burn as many calories in the time that you’re training as possible, within your fitness capabilities. Look for classes that keep your heart rate up, that keep you moving, that keep challenging you, that push you.

How can people squeeze fitness into their busy schedules?

My thing is 30 minute workouts. I have some 45 minute workouts out there, but predominantly that’s my sweet spot. I try to create 30 minute workouts, whether it’s Curves or my DVDs, where people can utilize the most cutting-edge, state-of-the-art fitness techniques so that 30 minutes matters.

If you need to, exercise from home to save the travel time. If not, find something like Curves or a 30-minute class. If you’ve got kids, ask an in-law, a grandparent, a sister, a brother to watch them once or twice a week. Trade off getting workouts in with a spouse. Set business meetings where you’re playing tennis together or racket ball, or at the golf course or driving range.

Instead of going to bars with your friends, go to the batting cages. My friends and I go bowling and it’s not really a workout but it’s 200 calories in 30 minutes, and that’s a heck of a lot better than sitting and drinking beers. You can work activity into every aspect of your lifestyle if you try.


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