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Fire Emblem Warriors DLC Packs Detailed

Fire Emblem Warriors released yesterday, and details have emerged that specify what to expect from the game's upcoming three DLC packs. Each pack will be themed around a previous Fire Emblem game, including Fates, Shadow Dragon, and Awakening. These bundles come with their own unique playable characters, history scenarios, weapons, and support conversations. You can purchase a $ 19.99 season pass to receive all three packs, or each can be bought individually for $ 8.99. If you buy the season pass, you also receive Lucina's bridal costume.

The Fates pack arrives this December, whereas the other two will release next year. The Shadow Dragon pack comes in February and the Awakening pack hits in March.

You can view the details of each DLC bundle below:

Fire Emblem Fates Pack

  • Playable characters: Azura, Niles, Oboro
  • Three new history maps
  • Five new costumes
  • 13 broken-armor models

Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon Pack

  • Playable characters: Navarre, Minerva, Linde
  • Three new history maps
  • Four new costumes
  • Six new weapons
  • Nine broken-armor models

Fire Emblem Awakening Pack

  • Playable characters: Owain, Tharja, Olivia
  • Three new history maps
  • Three new costumes
  • Seven new weapons
  • Ten broken-armor models

Fire Emblem Warriors released on Nintendo Switch and New Nintendo 3DS as of October 20. Our review is still in progress, but keep an eye for it in the next few days.

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