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Conquering Super Mario Odyssey’s Hardest Level – Episode One

After you get 500 moons in Super Mario Odyssey, you can go attempt the game's most difficult level. It's a long, tough road without checkpoints – and we're going to beat it.

Andrew Reiner and I are going on this journey together. Reiner has already beaten the level on his own time, and while I gave it about two tries before we began recording, I consider this my first true attempt(s). Perhaps it goes without saying, but this video does contain SPOILERS for Super Mario Odyssey. It is the game's last level, after all.

Enjoy the video, and please be nice to me in the comments. I am doing my very best, I swear.

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To see a similar video, where former editor Dan Ryckert and I attempt to conquer Super Mario 3D World's hardest level, head here.

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