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3 Ways Your BFFs Can Improve Your Health

[brightcove:5211200939001 default] We give ourselves credit for plenty of things: nailing a project at work, making killer overnight oats, shaving our legs regularly (well, at least in warm weather). But there’s one thing women ought to take pride in more ...

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Enzyme shown to regulate inflammation and metabolism in fat tissue

New research in mice and humans suggests that an enzyme called SNRK suppresses inflammation in obesity-related ‘white fat’ while increasing metabolism in heat-producing ‘brown fat,’ making SNRK an intriguing target in the battle against obesity. Fitness News — ScienceDaily

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Being Dani Stevens: health and wellness talk

  We caught up with Dani Stevens to find out the inspiration behind her health secrets.   Who’s that girl? One of the world’s most popular lifestyle social media influencers (with a cool six-figure social media base of devoted followers), ...

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Potentially life-saving health monitor technology

Sick babies in remote parts of the world could be monitored from afar thanks to new wearable technology. And parents at home, concerned about the risk of cot death, could keep track of their new babies’ heart and breathing rates ...

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Efforts to track food intake on smartphone app impacted by day of week but not season of year

Dietary self-monitoring is a key component of successful behavioral weight loss interventions and is essential for facilitating other behavior change techniques (eg, setting goals, providing behavioral feedback). A new study found that the amount of time in a study and ...

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Space fever: Weightlessness increases astronauts’ body temperature

Astronauts float weightlessly through space, and the condition of weightlessness is something many would love to experience. However, in addition to producing both physical and psychological stress, a trip into space affects our core body temperature. Researchers have observed that ...

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How to Survive Weekends When You’re Doing Dry January

[brightcove:5476832773001 default] Dry January has become a global trend. And we get why: After weeks of stress, parties, rich food, and (for many of us anyway) too much to drink, we all have an urge to hit some sort of ...

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Meet your 2017 WH&F Brazilian Butterfly cover model winner Grace Shelmerdine

Your winner of the 2017 Women’s Health and Fitness and Brazilian Butterfly Cover Model Competition is this beautiful, ambitious and bubbly young mum, personal trainer and business owner from downtown Adelaide.  Check out a preview of her cover model interview ...

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Study uncovers potential key to preventing back pain in runners

A new study examines what may cause chronic back pain in runners and the exercises to help prevent it. The study suggests that runners with weak deep core muscles are at higher risk of developing low back pain. And, unfortunately, ...

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A ‘Bomb Cyclone’ Forming off the East Coast Could Bring the Coldest Temperatures in 100 Years

[brightcove:5114185237001 default] As record cold temperatures paralyze much of the country, a “bomb cyclone” forming off the East Coast is threatening to douse the area from Northern Florida to New England in ice and snow. The weather event has the ...

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