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Blog Herding – The Best Blogs Of The Community (September 7, 2017)

This week we get edited video game screenshots, a finished month of blogs, and a call back to an intense boss fight. Let's read!

Community Blogs For August 31 – September 6:

31/31 Day 31: What Comes Next
Writing every day when it isn't your job can be tough, but that's exactly what Haley Shipley did throughout the month of August (well done!). But now what? Well, for Haley, it means putting down the pen and heading to graduate school, which is good. She wants to help people through writing and video games. And as for leaving for Denver, my cousin lives there and loves it – you will too! We can't wait to see your writing come back. Good luck!

Guess That Game (September 2017)
It's been a while since we featured one of these guessing games from firedude3663, so we figured we'd point it out this week. And even though I love the game that is featured this week, I wasn't able to guess it after each and every hint. I blame fatigue.

Bloodborne's Father Gascoigne Fight is One of the Best Designed Fights in Gaming
Refle is a big fan of Bloodborne, so it makes sense that one of his favorite fights comes from the game. He likes it so much because the battle teaches players how to play. Instad of holding your hand, you go head to head with a big baddie. "Battling Father Gascoigne teaches the importance of dodging, being in an aggressive mentality, and learning how to use firearms for parrying in an efficient manner. All of these aspects I would say are the keys to being able to progress in Bloodborne, and they're all demonstrated through a single fight." Not bad.

My Gaming Bucket List
Christopher Koep's piece sounds like your everyday bucket list piece, but it quickly dovetails into a story about our blogger's health. It's totally unexpected, but Christopher isn't here to write about his prognosis – he's here to tell us what he plans on doing in light of this sad news. Long story short? He's going to do a bunch of cool gaming activities. Best of luck, Christopher!

Psychonauts From A Guy Who Barely Knew it Existed
Heropon chose to play this highly lauded platformer mostly because it seemed like a short, lighthearted romp. For all the praise the game gets, Heropon (and myself) weren't well acquainted with the game. I know the premise but still haven't played it. Basically, Heropon thinks it is a charming game, and one worth playing. I totally should get on that.

Photo Editing Practice On My No Man's Sky Screenshots
I can't say I have ever heard of anyone editing screenshots like airbornebovine does in this blog. But it is kind of a neat idea. Some of it works really well, and I kind of have a hankering to edit my own screenshots after reading it.

Writing Challenge:

You're shipwrecked on an island for one month. Which video game and Game Informer editor do you need to survive your stay? Yes, this is a fancy island with electricity. Roll with it.

I hope you enjoy the blogs! Please contact me via my Game Informer page or on Twitter at @LouisGarcia12 with any blog news or playdate suggestions.

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