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Blog Herding – The Best Blogs Of The Community (October 26, 2017)

We've got some great blogs this week that explore the horrors of dungeons, web games featuring Hitler, and a blog about what may be the best game of the year. Let's go!

Community Blogs For October 19 – October 25:

5 Addictive Online Web Games
I don't have time to play web games like these, but if I did, I think I would start with MikComposer's list. While they don't sound like they'll overtake a triple-A title for me anytime soon, they do sound interesting. Secret Hitler sounds absolutely bonkers but totally intriguing.

Shadow of War's Nemesis System Made Me Feel Like a Horrible Person
Refle likes playing in Tolkien's universe, but something made him feel bad in the new Shadow of War. You see, you can enslave orcs. In this case, our blogger kept shaming orc Horza until he became deranged. It's really sad, and kind of a weird mechanic, orc or not.

The Best Games of 2017, #1 – Horizon: Zero Dawn
I stopped playing Horizon as soon as Zelda came out, but remember liking it as much as Trenchmace does. I do dread trying to remember how to play when I finally get back to it, but it was such an engrossing world for the first three hours I got to enjoy it. But now Zelda is life.

Ranking Every Game on the SNES Classic
MightyMagikarp goes to great lengths to rank all 21 games included on the SNES Classic. It's a great ranking if you were lucky enough to find one, though I would put Yoshi's Island in the top three, and Mario's Squaresoft RPG a little higher.

How to Make Horror
If horror games are your thing, then you should check out StarterPack's blog on what makes a good horror game. That's if the first image doesn't scare you away. I'm a huge fan of horror series, though I never could finish Silent Hill 2 because it freaked me out way too much. I had to play it with the lights on and with the door in my view.

Game-Making Challenge: Mazes all the Way Down
Haley Shipley is here to write about mazes. And not the fun variety, but ones that induce horror. Instead of having enemies, these procedurally generated dungeons would have pieces of lore around to help scare you more. Things like that creepy letter you found right away in the first Resident Evil game about rotting flesh.

Writing Challenge:

Nothing this week.

I hope you enjoy the blogs! Please contact me via my Game Informer page or on Twitter at @LouisGarcia12 with any blog news or playdate suggestions.

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