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Arrow: “Thanksgiving” Review

Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

You have to question The CW’s decision to air this episode tonight, both because it’s a major American holiday and because it makes for a pretty depressing way to spend the evening. But on the other hand, it’s not as if there’s any time to waste. Arrow needed to set a number of wheels in motion in order to set the stage for next week’s “Crisis on Earth-X” crossover. “Thanksgiving” managed to accomplish that goal while also doing a great deal to address Season 6’s biggest flaws.

Legends of Tomorrow aside, it’s been a strong week for the Arrowverse in general. The reasons seem pretty similar all around. Like Supergirl and The Flash before it, Arrow succeeded this week in delivering a more plot-driven episode that establishes a clearer conflict for the season as a whole. It says a lot that Ollie being arrested by the FBI was just the opening salvo in a night full of dark developments and character conflict. In the process, we now have a two-pronged conflict for Team Arrow to contend with. Ollie faces an imminent trial that could land him behind bars for life (if not put him on death row). And the team faces a resurgent threat from Cayden James, a man who seems to have a very personal grudge against the Green Arrow.

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