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An Artistic Ode To Super Mario Odyssey

One of the things I love most about video games is their ability to transport players to new and magical worlds, and no other game in 2017 delivered on that promise quite like Super Mario Odyssey. Sure, I enjoyed exploring Aloy's robot dinosaur-laden landscape and spent more time than I care to admit fighting off aliens in Destiny 2, but no game offered more unbridled joy and creativity than our heroic plumber's latest adventure.

But I didn't just play through Odyssey with a big dopey smile on my face the entire time – I also took screenshots. And because I can be a highfalutin artsy type from time to time, I decided to run them through an app filter like those cool (and maybe ironic?) millennials do. So without further, here is my artistic ode to Super Mario Odyssey.

Note: Some of the images may contain spoilers for Super Mario Odyssey. Also, click on any image to view/download a larger version. 



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Heading East

Coming Up Next: Another wing of Super Mario Odyssey art…you know, like in a museum.

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