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Aluminum may lower sperm count: study

NREraxion/Getty Images/iStockphoto Your swimmers could stall after aluminum exposure.

That metal could be meddling.

A man may have lower fertility or a reduced sperm count after exposure to aluminum, researchers in France and the UK said in a new study.

Scientists from the universities of Lyon and Saint-Etienne in France and Keele in England studied 62 men’s sperm under a microscope and found aluminum in semen as well as individual sperm. The more aluminum that was present, the lower the sperm count.

The authors think that “environmental factors such as endocrine disrupters” may be at fault for the developed world’s drop in fertility over the past few decades.

“Human exposure to aluminum has increased significantly over the same time period and our observation of significant contamination of male semen by aluminum must implicate aluminum as a potential contributor to these changes in reproductive fertility,” said lead author Professor Christopher Exley, who studies aluminum exposure at Keele.

The findings were published in the journal Reproductive Toxicology.


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